Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Self Portrait

What is the difference between a well-dressed girl and a girl who has her own style?
For me this difference concludes in the dresses they wear. The girl who has her own style takes risks and does not afraid to wear something unusual, she chooses clothing which demonstrates her character and view of life and lets her feel confident.
I think that a Self Portrait dress can give you this feeling. Incredible, beautiful, fashionable they make you feel like you are a queen.
In my opinion the style of these dresses is similar to the Three Floor dresses.

Due to its incredible silhouettes and materials these dresses exalt their owners at others. When you buy the Self Portrait dress you can be sure that no one has a dress like yours.

As for me, I relate myself to type of girls who has her own style. I do like unusual dresses that is why I fell in love with this blue dress.  Though the dress looks like an apron, this is exactly the zest of this dress. And here is my interpretation of the way this dress should be weared.
What do you think about this?))